CEOWORLD magazine top 100 fashion schools 2016 list, includes a ranking of the world’s top 100 fashion schools, based on a methodology that assesses academic reputation, employer reputation, quality of teaching, and diversity.

Over the past couple of months, we conducted a survey to find the best fashion schools in the world. To generate the list, we surveyed more than 62,000 former students, fashion houses, fashion recruitment consultants, fashion designers, and industry professionals.

==> Best Fashion Schools In The World For 2017.

CEOWORLD Magazine today announced the 2016 Best Fashion Schools rankings, featuring top-performing fashion institutions in the World. The Best Fashion Schools rankings evaluate data on more than 307 fashion schools. Studying in a world-renowned fashion school is practically everyone’s dream. A shortlist of 100 top fashion institutions have been ranked according to 3 factors: learning experience, influence, and value.

However it is not an easy task to decide which of these elite colleges you want to be in.  CEOWORLD Magazine’s rating is based on a simple and pragmatic survey that asked how valuable each fashion school’s program really is; CEOWORLD Magazine Fashion School Rankings is designed to help prospective students navigate this increasingly complex fashion education landscape.

London’s Central Saint Martins (CSM), takes the No. 1 spot, followed by London College of Fashion at No. 2 and New York based Parsons School of Design at No. 3. All of these schools are comparable in terms of academics, quality of staff, and amazing campuses.


Discover the top 100 fashion schools worldwide with the CEOWORLD Magazine.

CEOWORLD Magazine Top 100 Fashion Schools 2016

CEOWORLD Magazine Releases 2017 Best Fashion Schools Rankings:

“Best Fashion Schools In The World For 2017,” a list that identifies and ranks the fashion institutions on the planet.

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