How do you draw fashion sketches

How do you draw fashion sketches

Hey, I'd love to see your sketches or drawings so why not showcase them here? Other people would also like to see them and it could inspire them to create great online art also.

Just write a bit about yourself and about your artwork. Tell me how you did it and what your friends and family like about it—you'll find it very easy to upload your picture.

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Improving Your Drawing Skills 
I guess most artists would love to create drawings or sketches that are creeping up to professional standards. Are you one of them? Some of us are only …

Object Drawing 
This is simply and object drawing by Siddhant Narvekar. Your comments are welcome!

"He alone sees truly who sees the Lord the same in every creature...seeing the same Lord everywhere, he does not harm himself or others."

Twin Towers 
Just trying some imaginary Drawing! Hope you like it.

Missing You 
Drawing by Chanchal March 2013

Lady in Pain 
I saw this painting on the internet and tried to draw the same. I think it came out very well. Okay Kava, Now try and draw one from memory, it …

Heaven Vs Hell  
Depicts Life's battle between evil and holy, good and bad, wrong temptations and correct ones, praying for forgiveness. My drawing revolves around …

My Nude Study For a Painting 
I usually do many charcoal sketches for my paintings but, sad to say, many of them are never put into oil paintings. Most artists I've talked to never …

Colors of Life 
It's about a is full of colors, those colors show different states of life. Here in my art, these colors are shown through a girl's face …

Dark Gothic Drawings 
Kids today seem to like Dark Gothic art and Drawings ... I guess there must be a kind of mystery about them, the darkness of the unknown could be the …

Forest Fairy 
This pencil sketch was done in HB pencil alone. A quick sketch done during on one of study time. Lawanya, be careful of your proportions, the …

Beauty of the day!!  Not rated yet
I love sketching. It isn't a hobby but still, I love sketching in my free hours.

Happy Drawings of Christmas Not rated yet
Make your own drawings from these illustrations and images – the ones you like the best. Send a full page message from this site which is easy for you …

God of War (Kratos) Not rated yet
Own my hand sketch of Kratos. Kratos is a fictional character from the God of War series. A figure in Greek mythology, the personification of authority …

Are Vampires Really Frightening Creatures? Or Werewolves? Not rated yet
Well, maybe they can be depending on the artists' skill in drawing them. There are always creepy things roaming around under darkness. There are many other …

Dark Shadows Not rated yet
Hell within the angel

A Little Pencil Madness Not rated yet
If you are aspiring to be a cartoonist, now is the time with so many "breaking news" stories on the TV channels --with a plethora of so many easy-to-draw …

Black Spider Not rated yet
The animals that habitate in these forests are left forgotten when the trees get cut down. They are left with no home, no shelter, no food. With that, …

Dragon Head Not rated yet
A drawing of a dragon's head... Email this to friends

A passion for fashion Work on paper Pen & Ink drawing Not rated yet
My images portray various differences in human nature,from life's everyday dramas to humankind's quest to under-standing self. The artworks transport …

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Untold Beauty Not rated yet
Humbleness, kindness, innocence is what can be noticed on her pitiful face, she is a beauty but an external one but from within she is someone else. …

Grey Poogle Not rated yet
This is just a test to show to friends if its a cute design for my poogle.

Zero Degree Celsius !!! Not rated yet
A sketch created in 16 hours with pastels, 8B and 9B.

The Thought Which Sees Not rated yet
Imagine that, a "Thought which sees" by Rene Magritte. Gift to MoMa NY by Mr and Mrs Charles Beneson. Magritte added striking textures to add visual …

Emotions  Not rated yet
Sketching is my all time favorite thing which I love the most in this world and I always prefer pencil drawing. Expression is what connects us …

Drawing Fantasy in Mutant and Cloned Humans Not rated yet
We all have our own fantasies in so many different ways, some of us envision scene as you've seen in Harry Potter and also J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the …

Strength of the Soul Not rated yet
A pencil sketch symbolizing the union of Merlin and King Arthur together to build a shinning city. A beacon of hope to echo throughout the ages to …

Elder Knowledge  Not rated yet
Sketch, hand drawn, pencil based off a strange dream I had. Hope sketching it might tell me what it was... By Scott

witch sitting on pumpkin Not rated yet
I put this drawing I drew from a card on Illustrator Friday and Eat Sleep Draw websites. Drawing Pencil Sketches Academy on FB By Gwen

Drawing Creatures From The Dark Not rated yet
I love drawing creatures from the dark because there is a mystery about them—like not knowing where they came from, why they are here and what is their …

Love Not rated yet
Burning Heart.

Life Not rated yet
Represents different stages of life...

Cool Sketches To Draw Not rated yet
Hey, I love drawing especially fantasy stuff but I call mine "cool drawings" because they are "off the wall" as you might say. They are not Salvador …

Darkening woods Not rated yet
Just a sketch I started this afternoon out of boredom. I sketch or doodle just to relax or let go.

Happy Car 55 mph Not rated yet
I drew this "Happy Car" July 17, 2012. I know it is not my usual works, as now I suffer Parkinson's Disease and tremmers cause my pencil to do things …

Slightly Gothic Not rated yet
Gothic with a nice touch by Kaz

Indian Bandriona Not rated yet
Did During my practical exam time. it was done in black pen and ink without using erasers. Nice drawing. Please try and crop your drawing before …

Wings Drawing For Tattoos, Angels or Fairies Not rated yet
I have sketched many wings from birds of all sizes and shapes—even drawn special "unreal" wings for tattoo artists (this was specially when I ran …

Fantasy World Scenes Not rated yet
It is difficult to imagine a fantasy world after you have created a fantasy creature like Wolverine and X-Men and one or two other characters from Marvel …

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