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Patty Shapiro

President & Founder

Leader | Ethical | Compassionate | Dedicated | Authentic

With more than 20+ years experience in the head-hunting industry, I have successfully achieved my goal of changing people’s lives, enabling them to find the best life-work balance scenario.

I know that nothing matters more than professionalism, passion for your industry and a healthy mix of work and play. Only those who find pleasure in what they do for a living and how they live their lives, are truly happy. Everyday, I make it my mission to work with people who have or are in search of the same philosophy.

As the founder of Patty Shapiro & Associates, with an entrepreneurial spirit and confidence, I ensure this philosophy attracts the very best in my team as well as my candidates and clients. One of my strengths is my vast network of people allowing me to reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I am always on the lookout for honest, hard working dedicated candidates looking for a first job or career change.

Our team is dedicated and goal oriented, each one of them coming from their perspective industries. They are driven and passionate about their jobs. Our clients are forward thinkers, involved in charities and handpicked by me.

Our candidates are smart, savvy, educated and looking for the best of the best.

As the top recruiting, head-hunting and talent acquisition agency in Canada, we specialize in headhunting top-tier retail and wholesale professionals for industry leaders.

By working with Patty Shapiro & Associates, you will be treated with honor and respect and have the opportunity to be connected with the candidates and companies of choice.

Contact me today at to find out what you are missing.

Stephanie Amar

Fashion Recruitment Director

Knowledgeable | Credible | Honest | Well-Connected | Reputable

Having previous experience in both the fashion industry and Human Resources, becoming a recruiter at Patty Shapiro & Associates was a natural evolution for me. I possess  a Bachelors Degree at JMSB in Human Resources Management as well a Certificate in Human Resources from HEC. As the fashion recruitment director,  I lead a successful team at Patty Shapiro & Associates. During my many years of experience, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of candidates and clients who have helped me gain a profound knowledge of how the garment industry works through its trials and tribulations.  I have always maintained a high degree of ethics. I stand by my honesty towards both my clients and my candidates. Meeting candidates and hearing about their previous work experience is my favorite part of the job. My mission is to place my candidates in roles that will provide them with personal growth and fulfillment and at the same time are a positive addition to my clients’ business as well. Ask me how I can help you find your dream job.

Alex Robertson


Conception | Expectation | Attention | Execution | Satisfaction

These words all share the same last 4 letters and principle… Together Identify Objectives and Needs.

My experiences in business over many years have enabled me to establish guidelines and principles to support the business that entrusted me with ensuring that the highest standards are set and met. This, along with fostering a work environment that allows each employee to attain their goals results in the sustainability and growth of all successful companies.

I have worked in several different industries and my experiences and leadership skills have taught me that providing a progressive and positive framework for a company’s most important assets, its people, leads to success for everyone. Structure and accountability when implemented properly will be the underpinning of a flourishing enterprise.

Words matter only when you take ownership of putting them in to action.


Interested in becoming the best you can be? Let our team of dedicated recruiting and placement professionals find the right fit for you.

Dan Pereda

Specialized Recruitment & Freelance Director

Creative | Compassionate | Loyal | Dedicated | Resourceful

I am no stranger to the Fashion Industry, having spent over 20 years as a graphic designer, merchandiser, marketing and product development coordinator and stylist in the apparel industry. My diverse background has enabled me to take my career to the next level as a recruiter for Patty Shapiro & Associates in Montreal where I have been able to apply my skills to helping both customers and candidates find the right fit. At Patty Shapiro & Associates we take great pride in our work and thoroughly enjoy assisting and guiding candidates by offering them valuable information on how to present themselves or how to present a proper portfolio’s and resume they can improve their chances at finding the right job. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a fair chance at the right opportunity but sometimes all it takes is a little guidance and direction in order to achieve those goals.

Amanda Rania

Specialized Recruitment

Intuitive | Determined | Genuine | Savvy | Sincere

I began my career as a corporate retail recruiter, gaining a thorough understanding of human resources as well as talent acquisition. After obtaining my degree in Human Resource Management from the John Molson School of Business, I sought out the top Montreal head hunting agency, Patty Shapiro & Associates, to pursue my desire in becoming the leading talent acquisition specialist.

With my unique and comprehensive interviewing skills, I am able to delve deep to ensure the perfect fit. Providing an open forum for communication, with you allows me to achieve a trustworthy and lasting relationship. My exclusive testing and resume writing skills will help you succeed in finding the right job.

To be connected with Montreal’s top head-hunter, submit your resume online now at

Alexandra Doroshenko


Dedicated | Motivated | Organized | Dependable | Personable

I am an outgoing, compassionate, and driven sales professional with office experience in fast-paced, demanding environments. I am a team player, with strong interpersonal skills and an enthusiastic personality used to build lasting relationships with fellow employees, management and clients.

With degrees in both Political Science and Education, I am a detail-oriented, resourceful multi-tasker committed to providing excellent results. With years of experience working in retail, I have developed impeccable customer service skills, and have consistently provided personalized service.

I am the Account Manager at Patty Shapiro & Associates, Montreal’s leading talent acquisition agency, specialized in business development for both the fashion and trend services industries.

My objective is to provide you with a rapid, reliable, and customized experience. Ask me how.

Contact me to get started today –

Christina Pavlos


Positive | Trust-Worthy | Dedicated | Personable | Eager

I am a motivated, passionate and approachable individual who thrives working in a fast-paced, optimistic environment where I can let my colors shine. I aim to assist those whom I support with their daily recruitment tasks and human resources related projects. I work towards maximizing their time and productivity, always thinking one step ahead.

My extensive experience in customer service and fashion retail, along with my academic background in Sociology and Human Resources Management have driven me to offer exceptional customer service, and to establish and maintain positive working relationships. My positive attitude, caring nature and eagerness to learn enable me to handle all situations with dedication and ease.

I am excited to begin my career as the Executive Recruitment Assistant at Patty Shapiro & Associates, Montreal’s leading talent acquisition agency, specialized in headhunting for the fashion industry. My objective is to provide you with a rapid, reliable, and customized job-seeking experience. Ask me how.

Contact me to get started today –

Josiève Forget

Trend Consultant Manager

Confident | Creative | Efficient | Honest| Motivated

With ten plus years of practical experience I have taken the next step in my career in becoming the trend consultant manager at Patty Shapiro & Associates.

A 2004 graduate from Marie- Victorin in fashion design opened the door for me to pursue my creative passion for fashion. Eight years as the go to person at Marie- Victorin gave me the tools to prepare for the next venture.  I am an extremely motivated individual, results oriented, resourceful and that perfect combination of strong business acumen with a highly entrepreneurial spirit.

Encompassing Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, I exercise my expertise as the commercial manager and trend consultant within the team of Patty Shapiro and Associates, recognized in the fields of design, manufacturing and not limited to retail.I work with the most prestigious worldwide trend agencies to provide you with the essential tools for your creative approaches. My services will give you the ability to anticipate and create the collections and projects of tomorrow. I am ready to help you find the right products for your individual needs.  

Pablo Sarmiento

CAD Trainer

Disciplined | Engaging | Compassionate | Sincere | Au-Courant  

Currently teaching at the University of Montreal, Pablo’s expertise lies in providing courses in Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and Excel. His extensive knowledge of the Fashion Industry, combined with a high level of patience and compassion, make him a well-rounded instructor.

Through joining Patty Shapiro & Associates’ team, Pablo brings a strong work ethic and software knowledge to provide specialized training in accordance with current industry standards.

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