Fashion made in china

Fashion made in china

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Useful information when sourcing products made in China

China Sourcing Tips
Beginner's Guide for Sourcing in China - the 4 basic steps In this 4-step guide, discover useful tips and tricks that can help to you source from China and beyond. This guide contains essential sourcing information that would be helpful especially for first-time buyers and small businesses who might not have the capacity to run full-scale overseas operations. 6 things you should know in sourcing buying agents in China When your import from china business grows, you need to find a buying agent to help you, but it is not easy. You do not know how and where to find an agent. There are questions such as should you sign a contract with them? If yes, what clauses to put on the contract? How can you tell if they are trustworthy? Should you use a buying agent or a buying office? 6 tips for background checks on Chinese suppliers Renaud Anjoran frequently lament about the number of importers who take high risks by not doing any quality control. But the most under-rated tool to reduce risks in China is certainly running a background check on potential suppliers. 6 tips to design products to be made in China Renaud Anjoran, who has wide experiences in China trade since 2005, categorizes product designers into 3 groups and shares valuable tips on design & manufacture products in China.
Video Resources
How to do the job right in finding China suppliers In this video, Mike Bellamy, an Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center, will advise on strategies you can use to identify quality suppliers in China.
Video is available in Spanish. How to make the right choice in evaluating China suppliers In this video, Mike Bellamy, an Advisory Board Member & Featured Blogger at the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center, show you two proven-effective ways to verify that those China suppliers are legitimate and export-ready.
Video is available in Spanish.
China Product News
Treadmill makers highlight product durability, user safety R&D efforts likewise emphasize easier control, more preset program options and added functionality, including entertainment capability. Enhanced thermal conductivity remains on R&D agenda of aluminum PCB makers Companies adopt better CCLs to boost product performance, and ride the growth trend in LED lighting. Expanding car rearview system supply yields wired, wireless options Standard systems from China include a 4.3 to 7in TFT-LCD monitor, one to four cameras, one host unit and wiring harness.
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