Fashion in the 1920s

Fashion in the 1920s

Crocs Women’s Freesail Shorty Rainboot Rain Boot Review


Due to the complete overhaul of rain boots, this kind of footwear is now a guaranteed fashion item that will readily complement your outfits during inclement weather. No longer are these boots drab and uninteresting; these days women’s rain boots now come in a great range of colors and designs.

You won’t have to worry about them clashing with your outfit, as there are colors and prints that will match what you wear during the rainy or snowy season. Make sure that you are informed by reading a review of the Crocs Women’s Freesail Shorty Rainboot Rain Boot.

Features of the Crocs Women’s Freesail Shorty Rainboot Rain Boot

  • Waterproof properties
  • Comes with slim and sleek design meant for women
  • Made with Croslite material for lighter weight
  • Includes lace detail on collar
  • Includes lined foot bed for better comfort
  • Comes with rubber outsole pods for excellent durability and traction
  • Has Dual Crocs Comfort cushioning for support throughout the day
  • Has circumference of 14.2 inches and boot shaft length of 7.6 inches


Rain boots these days are no longer the standard yellow or black items of yesteryear. Those old-fashioned boots were drab and monotonous and better suited for wear at home as lots of ladies claimed. Due to their often clunky and inelegant appearance, they were avoided by most women.

However, today’s rain boots now come in a great selection of colors and designs like the Shorty from Crocs. This particular model is available in a nice range of bright, fun colors that will bring some pep to your daily outfits.

The Shorty belongs to the contemporary and colorful, popular bunch of modern rain boots. They come with a lace detail on the collar that adds a great accent to the entire design of the boot.

Today’s trendy set of rain boots for women are meant to act as a functional accessory and further suit or complement the outfit of its wearer. Ladies are encouraged to be creative in their rainy season outfits due to the lively looks of such rain boots.

Because the rain boot has been given an overhaul, even celebrities are donning a pair during the spring and snowy seasons of the year. Rain boots for women like the Shorty are now enjoying a great resurgence due to the fact that the footwear not only provides style but also functionality.

Rain boots effectively merge style and function and rain boots are now even more of a necessity these days for a lot of women because they make excellent fashion statements. Be prepared for the rainy and snow seasons by having a pair on hand, even two if you are so inclined.

Make sure to keep your feet dry at all times and protected from the mud, sleet, and rain by investing in a good pair of women’s rain boots.

The Shorty is another version of the company’s popular Freesail rain boots. This model comes with waterproof capabilities and a lighter weight. It comes with a sleek and thinner form intended for the ladies’ shape.

On top of the boot are nice lace details for a chic touch. To prevent water from seeping inside the boots, the model comes with single-mold Croslite foam system plus rubber pods on the outsole for better traction regardless of urban ground surfaces. This is such an adorable pair of boots that it will help liven up your outfit during cloudy, drab mornings.

This pair is significantly lightweight that wearing it will not be a burden, especially on slick streets. Initially, the boots will feel a mite stiff; however, as soon as your feet get used to the feel of the boots, you will see that they are a comfort to wear around.


When it comes to the Shorty, one drawback of the pair is that it has faulty sizing. This is a common problem among many types of shoes, not only rain boots. The boots are larger than what you expect them to be, so make sure that you go an inch smaller.

The boots will also require you to break them in since, as mentioned earlier, they can be a bit stiff. Get used to the items first and soon enough your feet will thank you for protecting them against rain and slush.


The Crocs Women’s Freesail Shorty Rain Boot is something you would want to check out if you need a quality rain boot. It speaks highly in terms of style due to its form and bright, fashionable colors and it effectively keeps the damp from reaching your feet.

If you are on the lookout for an efficient waterproof rubber boot for women, you don’t have to look for another since the Shorty will do the job for you. It has all the elements, no pun intended—great style, effective waterproofing, excellent quality, and top-notch traction. Make sure to check this pair out on your next shopping journey.

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